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Temporary Relocation/Building Work

From Monday 8th April 2024 access will be gained to the Bexleyheath Osteopathic Practice via the front door of 4 Glengall Road as the building work commences on the new osteopath practice.

Please park in front of the house (instead of in front of the white garage door) and knock on the brown wooden door to gain access. Please try to park considerately as there should be space for 2 vehicles. 

Temporary entrance to the Bexleyheath Osteopath Practice

Whilst the new practice is being built, there is likely to be additional noise and inconvenience, but we will work hard with the builder to try to keep this to a minimum. We hope that the work will be completed by the Autumn, allowing us to improve the service and facilities we offer at the Bexleyheath Osteopathic Practice.

We apologise in advance for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!! 

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