Marathon Training

Loads has been written in the past about the trials and tribulations of training for a marathon or any other endurance event. This year for the first time, I have really understood what they meant, as since Christamas I have been “cranking up” the miles in an attempt to complete the 2018 London Marathon.

Whilst a lot of long distance running is “in the head” I can definitely confirm that an awful lot of it is also in the legs!! My aim is to simply complete my first event, not particularly chasing a quick time, but none the less the schedule is gruelling. Last week alone I covered over 50 miles!

Any internet search will tell you how and when to stretch, which is really important, but I personally have found that stretching, and even foam rolling have not proved enough to relieve all of my muscular tightness and tension. If I am honest I can constantly feel a degree of "conditioning ache” in my major muscle groups.

Good nutrition helps (again a Google search away…) and also cross-training instead of just doing what you’re training for relentlessly i.e. simply running at the expense of other resistance work…. and definitely don’t forget to be organised and observe your schedule, including your rest days!

The last piece of general advice I can offer from my first experience of intense event training is to occasionally pamper yourself with a sports massage or osteopathic treatment, this has been a life saver for me on a couple of occasions when my legs have been at their most exhausted, especially after those long weekend runs!

If you think we can help you avoid that dreaded event-finishing injury please call The Bexleyheath Osteopathic Practice on 020 8298 7122 and let us give you some personalised treatment and advice, based on good evidence... and now bitter/sweet experience!!

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