Anterior Knee Pain

This is knee pain felt at the front of the knee, around the kneecap (patella), and is sometimes called anterior knee pain or patellofemoral pain syndrome. Unfortunately this type of pain can be very persistent.

It's not always obvious why this pain develops, but it's been linked to previous injuries or trauma, overuse of your knees, muscle weakness and your kneecap being slightly out of place. When your patella does not “glide" correctly this is sometimes called (lateral..) patella-tracking.

The pain tends to be dull or aching and often affects both knees at the same time. It's usually made worse by sitting for prolonged periods, squatting or kneeling, or using stairs. Strangely going down stairs can sometimes be worse than going up.

You can often treat this yourself using ordinary painkillers, an ice pack and rest. Exercises to strengthen the muscles around your kneecap can also help. At the Bexleyheath Osteopathic Practice as well as treating the problem, we can advise you about specific exercises to try, and give some lifestyle adjustments that might also help.

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